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    Shenzhen Dingchuang Laser Co., Ltd

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    • Mold Laser Welding Machine
    Mold Laser Welding Machine

    Mold Laser Welding Machine

    Mold Laser Welding Machine

    Mold laser welding machine is specially designed for the mold industry, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, cars, motorcycles and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. Through the mold repair, the original mold can be fully utilized, greatly saving the production cost and improving the work efficiency. This technology can also be used to modify the design or size of the die and shorten the product development cycle.



    1. Adopts YAG laser, easy operation and easy maintenance.
    2. Mould repairing is just a typical application of this machine. This laser welding machine can not only be used for molds repairing/re-shaping, but also for the precision welding of small articles, such as jewelry, electronics, telecommunication devices, electrical hardware, watch and clocks components, products of military industry, etc.
    3. Materials that can be welded are extensive: cold work alloy steel, hot work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, steel alloy, high tenacity aluminum alloy, etc. Other metals like gold, silver, brass, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium, and platinum are also applicable.
    4. The parameters are controlled by intelligent remote controller, which is simple and convenient for the operator
    5. The size of light spot can be adjusted accordingly and automatically.

    Tech Parameters



    Mold Laser Welding Machine





    Wave length


    Pulse frequency


    Pulse width


    Welding thickness


    Min. weld puddle


    Min. spot size


    Power supply and work Temperature

    AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz10~35

    Sample Show

    Application Area

    It is widely used in plastic molds, rubber molds, metal molds, metal products, precision casting, jewelry, precision instruments, medical instruments, auto parts, craft gifts, glasses clocks and watches, mobile phone communications, electronic components, connectors and other industries.

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