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    Shenzhen Dingchuang Laser Co., Ltd

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    • Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
    Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

     Jewelry Laser Welding Machine


    Jewelry laser welding machine is a laser welding equipment dedicated to the metal jewelry industry.
    It is mainly used for gold jewelry laser welding, silver jewelry laser welding, titanium alloy jewelry laser welding,
    stainless steel jewelry laser welding, and manual laser welding of small metal parts. Welding etc.
    It has the characteristics of high precision, low energy consumption, firm welding and small size.




    1. Imported ceramic concentrating cavity, high reflectivity, strong energy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life
    2. The laser energy, pulse width, and frequency are adjustable, suitable for precision welding of various metal micro-small parts and jewelry
    3. The internal space is large, which is convenient for the placement of laser spot welding tools and fixtures; the welding debris recovery box is installed for easy cleaning and gold welding slag recovery.
    4. LED ring-shaped shadowless lamp, observing the workpiece without shadow, with the high-definition parallel light path microscope, the laser welding position can be observed more clearly.
    5. High-power beam expansion system to obtain a finer light spot to meet the needs of fine laser spot welding.
    6. The protective gas output by the laser synchronously ensures that the solder joints are beautiful without oxidation and discoloration.
    7. The whole machine conforms to ergonomic design, which is more suitable for the jewelry industry, with stable performance and suitable for long-term continuous work.


    Technical Parameters  



    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine





    Laser wavelength

    ND:YAG /1064nm

    Pulse frequency


    Pulse width


    Welding thickness


    Min. welding puddle


    Focal Spot Diameter

    0.1-1.5mm adjustable

    Power supply and work Temperature

    AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz10~35


    Sample Show

    Application Area


    Widely used in precision casting welding, such as: jewelry, dentures, clocks and watches, medical, instrumentation, electronics, mechanical mold processing, automobiles and other industries. It is especially suitable for the welding of gold and silver jewelry's repair holes, spot welding sand holes, repair seam patterns, inlaid parts and claw feet.


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